Friday, October 21, 2011

paris aventures alimentaires: jour 6

Sadly, I just passed the halfway point of my current Paris trip. Though the time seems to be racing by, I am content with the volume of experiences that I've been able to pack in so far (intensive language classes, museums, parks, churches, amazing food). 4 more days of exploring are ahead of me...

Today, I embarked on a very fun and novell adventure: Paris grocery shopping. I enjoy grocery shopping in general (I'm one of those people who takes an hour or more to do it because I like going up and down every aisle, taking it all in); it's even more enchanting in another country, where the shelves contain treasures not previously encountered. Different brands, different items (I think I spent 10 minutes staring at the wall of yogurt trying to make a choice! yes, I even took a pic). J'adore.

In an attempt to practice my French, here is what I returned from the grocery store with:
  • le pain ... bread
  • jambon ... ham
  • camembert ... cheese from Normandy (2 euros for a round that would have cost $8-9 in CA!)
  • yaourt aux fruits ... fruit yogurt
  • oeufs ... eggs
  • jus d'orange ... orange juice
  • les champignons ... mushrooms
  • raisins ... grapes
Beautiful food.

Speaking of beauty, here are a couple of pics that I took yesterday at the Musee de l'Orangerie, which has definitely earned a place on my list of favorite museums. It's known for its two large, round rooms that display eight of Monet's Les Nympheas (Water Lillies). The rest of the collection includes more big names: Picasso, Cezanne, Renoir, Matisse. The current exhibit focused on Spanish painters (a great segue into my trip to Spain next week!). No pics allowed in the current exhibit, but here are a few from the permanent collection. Enjoy!

Should have included the placard in my pic so I would know who painted this... :-)


  1. Yes! I'm one of those grocery shopping fans too. Every aisle. And here I thought I was the only one.

    Why are there four photos inside the museum but only one inside the grocery store? C'mon, Cole.

  2. Oh, and the best yogurt I've ever had was in France. I think it was something generic, maybe Yoplait, but it was so creamy that it tasted like tangy gelato (for breakfast, no less). Whatever they're doing over there needs to be done over here!


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