Sunday, October 30, 2011

barcelona food

Tapas, tapas, paella, tapas.

This pretty much sums up what I ate during my 5 day exploration of Barcelona. I am not complaining. While nearly everything I tried falls into the good-to-outstanding range, the standout food item for me was octopus: so tender and flavorful. I ordered it nearly everywhere I went.

My single complaint having to do with food in Barcelona is that the vegetable dishes for the most part were uninspired and did not seem particularly fresh or ripe (roasted peppers and leeks with tuna were two standout exceptions at dinner one night). This was surprising to me given how outstanding the seafood was (without exception). The tomatoes in one dish appeared anemic; the kiwi at breakfast was nowhere near ripe. This was a reminder of the benefits of eating local (and a good reason to eat more seafood!).

I ate at a number of tasty places but only took pics at one - a wine bar/tapas restaurant that I found myself in one afternoon. The leisurely 90-minute meal was the perfect prelude to a siesta. The pics are below. I also included some from the St. Josep Market, where - similar to my meals - seafood trumped produce in both abundance and beauty. Enjoy!

Late lunches for the packed restaurant all came from this tiny kitchen.
A local dish made of crisp potato, a poached egg, and langosteen. There is a special way to stir it all together that the waiter is demonstrating here. 
Beautiful beef.
The St. Josep market.

Because it isn't Barcelona without some Gaudi: the Sagrada Familia.

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