Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year!

2014 has already arrived in some parts of the world, and will be here at my home on the West Coast very soon. It's amazing for me to look back and think about all of the things that happened in 2013. Unfortunately, keeping up with my posts here was not one of them. Much cooking happened, but the time I would have spent blogging about said cooking was mostly usurped by life. Mainly, a recently-turned-one-year-old life named Avery (the pic of him above was taken this morning). I can't think of a better reason to spend less time in front of the computer. 

That said, Christmas brought with it some inspiration that will hopefully be lasting and mean I will make the effort to carve out some time for Cole's Kitch again. One source of inspiration is the sparkling new camera from hubby (thank you thank you thank you!) that will hopefully manifest as improved pics of my culinary adventures. Others come in the forms of cookbooks, magazine subscriptions, and new fun kitchen tools, like the one pictured below that was used for the first time at breakfast this morning (in case it's unclear, that bunny on the right is a hard boiled egg!).

The kiddies are going to love these Japanese egg molds.

Yes, kiddies.

As in plural.

Next year at this time, we'll be a family of four!

Wishing a very happy new year to you and yours!
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