Saturday, February 7, 2009

what to do with a head of cabbage

This week's CSA box included a head of green cabbage. It actually stressed me out a little. The cabbage recipes I could online find were almost exclusively of the slaw/chinese chicken salad variety, neither of which sound appealing to me in the middle of winter (yes, it's even raining in California). Luckly, as it often does, 101 cookbooks saved the day.

Heidi Swanson seems to have a sixth sense for cooking. I'm always amazed to find that in many cases, the perfect recipe I find on her site was posted only days earlier. It's like she knows what's going to come out of my kitchen before I do! In this particular instance, the recipe was Rustic Cabbage Soup. 

I admit it: cabbage soup is not something that sounds like it's going to be very tasty (but rather like something that would be served in a Dickens novel), however I will personally vouch for this one. JR went back for seconds. 

Check out the Rustic Cabbage Soup Recipe at 101 cookbooks. Enjoy!


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