Tuesday, May 5, 2009

apple zucchini crostini

I didn't think that I was a big fan of zucchini, but ever since a few showed up in the CSA box week before last, I haven't been able to stop eating them.


I even bought some from the grocery store (gasp! our small garden and CSA box haven't been enough to keep us in fresh vegetables through the week, but our farmer's market started last weekend, so that should be the last produce from the grocery store until at least fall).

This recipe is from 101 cookbooks, one of my favorite cooking blogs. I stuck to the recipe, so rather than repost it here, I'll direct you straight to the source. I think Dave summed it up well: these little toasts look so simple, making the unique blend of flavors of your first bite surprising in a really good way (Dave - I'm paraphrasing - correct me if I didn't get that quite right!).

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