Thursday, December 16, 2010

cooking...and data visualization?

I enjoy cooking, that much is clear. But those who know me personally are familiar with one of my geekier interests: data visualization. I studied applied math in school and have always enjoyed turning data into pictures and into stories. I teach a class at Google on this topic and recently have had the opportunity to present to external audiences as well. The external engagements in particular led me to start thinking about creating a personal brand that goes beyond the kitchen. I've enjoyed (and plan to continue to enjoy) blogging about my culinary adventures. I've decided to start blogging about data visualization, too.

I assume those interested in the intersection - cooking and data visualization - is not a large population. But in the event that you happen to enjoy both like I do, I recommend checking out my new second blog, which can be found at

For those asking themselves what in the world data visualization is, don't fret - cole's kitch will remain focused on cooking. Stay tuned for a sweat pea risotto recipe that's been sitting in my 'to post' pile and will cause your taste buds to jump forward to spring for a moment until the sparkling holiday lights remind you that winter is nearly officially here.

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