Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas is over. The Chinese food (a Christmas eve tradition), cookies, and fudge are finally out of the house. We ate the last of the other Christmasy leftovers last night. That means a clean slate for this evening's meal. And still enough people in the house to make something substantial.

For the meal itself, I'm turning to something I've made many times before - enchiladas. Actually, the appetizer is something I've made many times before as well, but it turns out that I've never posted on it - guacamole. Time to fix that. The recipe below was inspired by one I found on 101 cookbooks, which it turns out is (minus curry powder, which I omitted, and plus tomatoes, which I added) just how my mother makes it.

We ate our guacamole with chips as a prelude to veggie veggie enchiladas.

Makes about 2 cups

1/2 c. onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 avocados
the juice of 1/2 a lime
1 medium tomato, finely chopped
a pinch of cumin
a dash of sea salt
a dash of white pepper

Mix together ingredients, mashing avocado to desired chunkiness. Taste and adjust lime juice and seasonings to taste.


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